We are doing our best to help our communiy during this trying time . we are here for you and are hard at work coming up with new ideas to help as many people as we can in anyway we can. we are all in this together working togeter is what life is about. if you have any ideas that you think would help please text 313-410-3903.
Here is the second face shield that we are doing this one is good enough for day today use and we have 200 sheets of clear plastic that was delivered today we we have one printer working on it at the moment we have to gear it up for our others to join in. if you are in need of one aka if you are working behind a counter somewhere you have family that need it let us know by FB?

Messenger please Ask for what you need only this is going to take time it will be based on first come first serviced and need we will be a fare as we can. The other face shield we are trying to join a 3D printing community group that has more resources available we will keep you posted on its progress.

Compet Full face mask in production for our commuinty workes that are on the front lines in the battle grouds we are making as many as we can for all the front line works to keep in production we wiil need supplys look for a go fund me on the production of these masks
Full face Shileds 3D printed Masks
Third eye Magic/Penelope's Venue YouTube Channel
Grounding and shilding to help people center and work on there skills during these trying times these will be posted periodically to the channel.
Rebeack Newberry - will be doing a harp therapy song each day and it will be posted for your relaxing injoyment
Thrid eye Magic is still open During normal buisness hours - for your medaphysical needs at our normal hours howerver we are observing the Convin-19 regulations and doing curb side pick up and delivery any orders please text 313-410-3903 for details
Community Blessing Box Providing non-perishable items for people in need. Take what you need leave what you can. we are still proving food for the homless but we are provding Covid19 supplys, Face Masks and Hand Sanitizer check our FaceBook page for details.
Blessing Box
Reiki Healin by remote
Third Eye Magic Services still Avaliable
Paranormal Investagations by phone and video
Psychic Readings by phone and chat
we will be starting our class again soon using Microwsoft team check up on our Facebook Page for more Details
Third Eye Magic and Penleopes Venu are here for our commuinty.