Professional Services

Professional still Photography and Video recording of your event -
We have a professional Photographer and Video Photographer on staff for any an all events at Penelope's. If you want them for your event- Please let our venue coordinator know and we will have them at your consultation meeting.
There is a $150.00 base fee plus a $40.00 charge per photographer per hour a minim 2 hours. This is for a basic event shoot. If you would like a staged photo area with background and props options there will be additional change depending on what is requested.

Webpage Design and Hosting - We have our own hosting provider and give you a temporary full webpage under our domain for your event or if you need something more permanent we can assist you getting your domain name. Our web designers can give you salutation that will fit your style. Domain Registration is $35.00 per year, Domain Hosting is $10.00 per month and can be moved at any time pre your request. And for a simple page design with no logo or photography taken by you and you provided the content it will run $250.00, any additional items photos, web logo, and content will be an additional charge depending on what is requested.

Social media campaign - All events at Penelope's Venue will have the option to be posted on our webpage events calendar and Facebook page this is a free service and social media person will handle the announcements and promotions. If you would like us to do a full social media campaign on your event there will be an additional monthly charge and will depend on what is required by you for the event.

On sight event design and coordination - A coordinator (and assistants, if necessary) are assisting you from concept to completion of your event considering your group's size, vision, and budget. Suggestions on theme, style and décor for your event, Set up a realistic budget and help you stick to that budget. - We will meet with you 4 times before your event. We will keep you informed of any changes and ideas all the way to the end. We feel this is for the busy person that would like to plan everything but just does not have the time. This service has base prices of $500.00 per event and can handle most events that would be held at Penelope's Venue. Any additional services that are required can be discussed at your consolation.

Set and Prop Design - Are you going to use are stage for a presentation and or performances and you have no idea on how to set and stage or make that certain kind of Prop. Our in house staff that can help you get your act together. - There is no set a price for these services it depends on how complicated the design. Please feel free to request a consultation with our set and prop designer for more information.

Costume Design Penelope's has accesses to so many different styles of clothing that we my have an off the rack design that you need just waiting for you. However if you are never that lucky our costume designer will do their best to fulfill your needs. - There is no set a price for these services it depends on how complicated the design. Please feel free to request a consultation with our set and prop designer for more information.

Make-up Design - Our Make-up artist has experiences on stage and on screen. She is well known in the area and has exceptional talent and long experiences in the field.
She can make you look your best or worst that you can be. From Glamour to special effects we can help you make it look real. Please make sure you that you talk to our venue consultant and we will be happy to set up an appointment with the designer.

Servers and Usurers and Stagehands - Need that extra help for that event but just don't know who to ask. Here at Penelope's we have the people to fill you needs; each additional person will costs $20.00 per person per hour.

In house T-shirt design and printing - We have our own in-house T-shirt design company "Shirts and Giggles" they not only have their own designs they will work with you to get your made no set-up fee no long waiting times no guess work. Our people will with you and get what you need give our consultant Keith a call at 248-303-1113.

Point of sales item design. Need a poster, DVD CD or book made for your event, we are here at Penelope's can help you get it made for your from design to packaging and duplication we have the talent and the technology at your disposal. Let us know what you need at your first consolation and we will do our best to make it happen.