Venue Event Services

Internet WI-Fi hotspot is free for general use however if you are hosting an event that requires extensive bandwidth for gaming an additional fee maybe required depending on bandwidth usage. Please let us know if you are going to use the internet for your event and what you are going to use it for so we can assess your needs and adjust properly.

A/V unit with screen - Our system is an Epson V11H412020 -85HD Movie Mate we also have a 120 inch indoor /outdoor portable movie screen. Use of these items are an extra charge of $15.00 per hour and require one venue tech for operation. If you have a special presentation or if you have a movie to show during your event please let us know and we can coordinate it for you.

Coat Check- Our Venue has a coat check area available for your event. It's a place were your guests can leave their items under the watchful eye of our staff. Up off the floor and out of the way. It adds a touch of class to your event you can pay a flat fee of $1.00 per person or have your guests pay at the counter.

Point of sale area - We have a point of sale counter where we can make items available to your guests and we can provide sales people in a retail display setting. We can sell general items, specialty items of our own or we can sell your items. - Please let our venue coordinator know if you are interested in the services and they can go over it with you and customize these services to fit your needs. We can handle payment by a flat fee or a percentage of sales at your event. All options are negotiable.

Use of parking lot for outdoor event, with tent if required. - Does your event require the outdoors? We can provide the space for you in our parking lot. We can handle your estate sales, vendor table sale or even children's play date event. We can set it up take it down and provide the staff to help you run your event.

Green Room/Dressing Room - Are you going to user are stage for a presentation or are you going to do a stage performances. We have and area that is above and away from the main floor area that provides you and your guests a place to get ready for the show.

VIP Room - Do you need a meeting room or do you have that special VIP coming in to your event this is the place to let people relax in a cozy setting away from everyone. Refreshments and snacks can be served per your request.

Penelope's Venue is dedicated to providing a unique and enjoyable atmosphere to our loyal customers. Penelope's Venue has a very extensive database for people in the art, film, clothing, and any creative community local and national.
Penelope's Venue does not limit itself to the things listed on this website. If you have an 'out of the box' idea or dream don't hesitate to ask us to make it a reality no matter how outrageous. We are always open to new ideas and business ventures.