Penelope's Venue
Venue Event Services:
Large raised stage set-up (London Fringe Theater Style)
DMX Light stage light system
Full professional sound system
250 person Capacity (with cahirs and tables)
Use of musical instruments, Guitars, 2 paino's upright
and baby grand.

On line streaming
Internet Wi-Fi available
A/V unit with screen
Green Room/Dressing Room
VIP Room.
Staff services opon request

Professional Services:
Professional still Photo & Video recording
Sound Sudio
Event design and Coordination
Set and Prop Design
Costume Design and Make-up Design
Acting Class workshops one on one or group
Full art gallery free to hang your work and sales saff to get your work sold.

Penelope's Venue is Downrivers premire full service Venue. A place where dreams come true!
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Penelope's Venue is dedacated to the loving memeory of Richard Biggs a dear sweet loving Friend that inspired me to start this venue. His life was a true insperation for me to help others RIP Brother - Donna Neuman
Sound Studio

We have a full service sound studio available with back-up musicians, drums, guitar, violin and vocalists. You need it we got it. we have complete packages that can be customized to fit your project needs.